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18-Aug-2019 06:18

citizen, but in reality they’re living in another place such as Russia, Nigeria or some other country.

The scammer gives you an emotional sob story about a family medical emergency and asks for financial assistance.

There is no dating service that is free of scammers. Thousands of people have been tricked into sending money to online dating scam artists. You're given an elaborate excuse as to why you must send money so that he or she can complete the trip. You never actually find out if it’s really a woman or some big hairy smelly dude behind the keyboard...

He or she gives you lots of false details about their family and work life. The scammer earns your trust and you exchange personal email addresses and maybe even phone numbers. Dating scammers can be very, very patient, spending weeks or even months building trust. When there seems to be enough trust established, he or she will use slick ways to ask you for money. A version of one of the following stories is normally used: After lots of back and forth communication, you've fallen for what you think is a sweet, attractive man or woman living in a foreign country.

Scammers use digital tools like online dating to lure in unsuspecting victims and their tactics become more sophisticated all the time.

If you don’t learn how to protect yourself, you could be putting yourself at risk for emotional, financial, or even physical harm, With Cyber Security Awareness Month just passed, now is the perfect time to talk about prevention.

We’d like to have 100% scam-free environment on Elena’s Models but, unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen.

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From gaming, to social media, to online dating, we live in a world that is more connected than ever before.And love is the tool scammers use to pry open your bank account and strip you of your assets.