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08-Mar-2020 15:28

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The session ID names used by the most common web application development frameworks can be easily fingerprinted [0], such as PHPSESSID (PHP), JSESSIONID (J2EE), CFID & CFTOKEN (Cold Fusion), ASP. It is recommended to change the default session ID name of the web development framework to a generic name, such as “id”.

The session ID must be long enough to prevent brute force attacks, where an attacker can go through the whole range of ID values and verify the existence of valid sessions.

I tried with following scenarios: The events you are looking for may be onunload & onbeforeunload (non-standard) events.NET, making use of 120-bit random numbers for its session IDs (represented by 20-character strings [10]) that can provide a very good effective entropy, and as a result, can be considered long enough to avoid guessing or brute force attacks.

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