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“I see a lot of us in them, in the story that they’re living out, I really do: the pressure becoming too much and needing to take a break; that’s exactly what happened to us.”It has been 34 years since the band formed in Birmingham released their eponymous first album, Duran Duran, and their third single, Girls On Film, stormed the charts to number 5.With their MTV-driven designer image and new wave pop hits such as Rio and Hungry Like The Wolf leading a second British invasion in the US, they were the pin-ups of their generation; defining the 1980s with their killer haircuts and haute couture.As Boy George, a close eye-witness, put it in his autobiography Take It Like A Man, "the champagne-swilling, yacht-sailing Duran Duran touted 'playboyeurism' and a new pop superficiality.

[2016-02-24] Duran Duran to Perform at Sun Fest 2016 [2016-02-24] Member Exclusive Q&A with Marnie Dunstan! [2016-02-22] Duran Duran to Perform at 2016 Mid-State Fair [2016-02-04] Simon Le Bon for the Blue Marine Foundation [2016-02-03] Duran Duran Headline Common People : Oxford - Saturday, Southampton - Sunday [2016-01-26] Duran Duran Announce Additional 2016 North American Tour Dates [2016-01-24] New Katy's Kafe for January!

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The Duran Duran frontman says he feels for Zayn Malik, whose departure heralded the boy band’s temporary split.

” Forme, it was always the wolf inside of me, that hungry predator.

30 years on, Simon Price revisits the undeclared war between Arcadia, who made "the most pretentious album ever", and The Power Station, who made "the most cocainey album ever"; and asks who, if anyone, was the winner "Arcadia and The Power Station", writes Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley in Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story Of Pop, "were possibly the two worst bands of the decade.[2017-03-19] Duran Duran’s “Last Night in The City (featuring Kiesza)” Remix EP [2017-03-09] New Kafe with Simon! [2016-11-16] Nick participates in Andy Warhol Exhibition [2016-11-16] Watch John Taylor's Bass Player Live! [2016-09-08] New date added - Duran Duran in Cancun, Mexico December 29th [2016-08-25] A #DDAD16 Video from Duran Duran to You! [2016-05-16] Member Exclusive Q&A with DJ Mad Marj [2016-05-10] NEW Member Exclusive Q&A with DJ Mad Marj!!!