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07-Jan-2020 17:07

The Swedes have invented a new word, “klittra” — and no, it’s not the latest Ikea furniture collection.In an effort to encourage women to have a more positive outlook on masturbation, Sweden has combined the words for “clitoris” (klitoris) and “glitter” (glittra) into one superword for any ladies who want to chat about self-pleasure.

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But now it is the well-known Communist Martin Schibby’s website Blankspot, who has published a text in which an anonymous leftist-woman writes about how she takes home so-called “unaccompanied refugee children” from the Migration Board to her residence. Secondly, this is not surprising, even if it is stomach-turning.

To imply we need a specific word when referring to the woman’s version of a noun would mean we’d also need a word for a woman’s toothbrush, or a woman’s pair of jeans.

Isn’t feminism about breaking down the barriers that differentiate the sexes — not building new ones?

The trial against the so-called “Arboga-woman” has drawn attention to how middle-aged women in the asylum industry are having sex with refugee children.

“We all do it”, says the testimony of an asylum woman on the left-wing site “Blankspot”.

At best, the app can make it easier to navigate foreign terrain as a queer person, turning each city into a map of latent romantic potential. Interactions are necessarily limited by a Another trip, another hotel.

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