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03-Oct-2019 15:22

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If you’re dealing with any kind of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or low self-esteem, please don’t proceed further and draw a lady in.It really isn’t fair to her and will only make your chances nil at best. The last thing any woman wants is a man with mental baggage, so think about this before approaching a woman for a date. Are there any medical conditions that could hinder your ability to date openly and freely?It was pretty obvious that there was an attraction between us, but I was a senior and she was a sophomore.I knew that I’d be heading off to college soon, and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about a long-distance relationship. Instead, Rebecca and I began a confusing three-year cycle of relationship ambiguity.If she’s sitting at a table, around a bonfire on the beach or inside a local bar, look for her to acknowledge you with slight eye contact, a subtle smile or even a turn in your direction. Give it a few minutes, and if she continues, then congratulations — you’re on the right path. She could just be a friendly person, which is why you shouldn’t run across the room like a wild steer. First, I have some ground rules as you make your approach: keep your chin up and maintain eye contact with her, gaze forward and not to the side, keep your shoulders back and squared with chest high and always remain focused on her. These are great indicators she’s happy you’ve shown her interest. For example, if she likes being outside and loves barbecue, suggest dinner overlooking a lake where the best ribs in town are served.Let the moments linger for a few, and if she keeps things going, it’s time to talk etiquette and game. A girl doesn’t ever want to feel like she’s second place. After all, a woman’s smile, eyes and body movements can reveal a lot about her feelings. Just doing this will tell her you’re a good listener and you want to please her.To learn how to turn those platonic friendships into something more intimate, check out the following tips on how to start dating a friend.Plant the seed One reason a guy might get stuck in the “friend zone” is because the girl simply has no clue he’s interested in her.

At the end of the three years, I “broke up” with Rebecca, even though we weren’t officially dating.

Most guys know the pain of the “friend-zone” all too well.

But once you know how to start dating a friend you won’t have to suffer that pain any longer.

Because of this, you might come across certain situations where you find it hard to ask out a girl, no matter how much of a Casanova you might.

This might happen before you discover Shogun Method when you’re having problems with women.What you want is to get the girl to see you as a sexual being with your own wants and desires. By sprinkling in comments about sex and dating into your conversation.

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