Archaeomagnetic dating definition

09-Sep-2019 12:43

Idea that something is older or younger relative to something else Expressed in terms of order.

Assignment of an age to a physical remain based on the association with other remains of known age.

We used thin sections, SEM and XRD, and archaeomagnetic dating processes.

The pictorial layer of Structure 2 was the earliest (AD 274–316 and the stuccoes and plasters of the other two buildings were dated to the Middle Classic (AD 422–531), but we obtained different archaeomagnetic dates for the red pigment layers found in the buildings of the Pequeña Acrópolis and thus we were able to determine their chronological order of construction.

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While these methods have been used on some archaeological sites, their application has been sporadic and their potential as a major tool for reconstructing archaeological data remains underutilized despite the easy of sampling, low cost of the analysis, and ability to answer a range of questions, especially when applied along with other methods such as micromorphonology (e.g., Herries and Fisher, 2010).Dating by direction requires the exact position of the archaeological material in relation to the present geomagnetic field to be recorded, and so the material must be undisturbed and sampled in situ.

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