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16-Aug-2019 19:03


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We can all relate—they are messy and sometimes blurry.And typically, when relationships start to become more demanding emotionally, there are two things many men do to deal: communicate or cheat. Have you searched your man’s phone, emails, receipts, maybe even the garbage and through the pockets of his jeans to prove to yourself that you’re not crazy? Until recently, there hasn’t been a guide that plainly explains what the hell is going on when a man is cheating, and WHY., his feature-length debut, premiering at the Ottawa International Film Festival on Oct. Did he mention the film’s dark, twisted climax almost made someone throw up during a test screening? “This is going to be a polarizing film,” he admits.“It’s a good film if everyone feels differently about it …


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Today pornography comes into our homes through TV, music, and on our computers and cellphones. Could they possible lead to cheating within your relationship?