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Those set side say that Megan’s inexperience is really showing and rather than trying to help her through it James ends up losing his patience until he turns into a big bully.

Also being a great method actor means that James in in character as long as he is on set which totally creeps people out. How can you go from being normal and a nice guy to a total psychopath once the camera rolls?

James Purefoy says actors have a responsibility to give honest depictions of vile characters — and not be swayed by their own “vanity”.

The British star, 52, plays villainous Baron Saloka in John Stephenson’s forthcoming film Interlude In Prague, co-starring Samantha Barks and Morfydd Clark.

When Dovid asks the 'Squire' to sell him some land...

See full summary » This romantic story, based on a novel by H. Bates and set in late 19th century England, rests on sibling rivalry for the affections of a woman who comes to live with their family by happenstance.

Domitian was assassinated and subject to 'damnatio memoriae' meaning 'damnation of memory'.

This only occurred for three emperors in the history of Rome and meant that Domitian’s coins and statues were melted down and his name erased from monuments.

He has decades worth of experience to Megan’s short-lived stint on and it really shows during filming. 11th print edition of National Enquirer on one particularly bad day Megan blew 12 takes which left James to keep rehashing complicated dialog until he lost it.

All are artefacts, objects or treasures that have been left, lost or discarded by our ancestors, which reveal the remarkable story of how we once lived.

Once again Michael and Bettany are joined by a host of guest presenters including Kevin Whateley, Mariella Frostrup, Katherine Jenkins and Vic Reeves, to find out more about the stories behind each item and to meet many of the members of the public who discovered them.

In episode one, broadcaster and anthropologist Mary Ann Ochota uncovers the story of some seemingly scrap metal that holds an incredible secret and baffled experts when it was first found in Lincolnshire.

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Steve says: “I dug down and recovered a piece of copper alloy. I dug up a further two or three more pieces and thought, ‘We’re definitely onto something here.’”Initially thought to be fragments of unexploded munitions, under closer inspection experts suspected they were actually fragments of a statue of the disgraced Roman emperor Domitian and his horse.

In spite of that, the show is clearly working and the powers-that-be have absolutely no intention of changing anything at this point so it sounds like Spader is going to have to bite his tongue a little more while Megan catches up. What do you think the real connection between Keen and Redd really is?