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GZ: That's been a pretty relevant theme in my life lately! The most interesting part of my move was the social part. In NY you're always around people, but in LA you can go days without seeing anyone.The people in my life are friends I have by choice. I only have the time and energy for so many people, which has cut down my friend group to a handful, but I'm so much happier with fewer good people, who really do know me.

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Dixon and Annie's relationship suffers more when Dixon believes Naomi's claim that she thinks Annie slept with Liam.

During the game we learn background about the players, like Mike and Katie (Sara Paxton) were first loves.

With booze, drugs, sex, video cameras, guns and untold relationships, the game gets out of control and Missy gets killed. Matt Lanter revealed in a recent interview that his character, Mike, will be "pining after one girl (Gillian Zinser) and this other girl is pining after me (Sara Paxton) It’s like this whole web of desire.

Dennis' former girlfriend, Missy, (Gillian Zinser) is a psycho stalker.

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Mike (Matt Lanter) loves Missy but she only sees him as a friend.Meanwhile, Annie gets drunk with senior Mark Driscoll and fools around with him topless in Navid's cabana, which was supposed to be for him and Adrianna, but Adrianna decides to wait, not wanting to rush things.

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