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13-Jan-2020 15:38

When deploying reports to an SSRS server, the server creates a record in the Catalog table.

this table holds the report location, the binary data for the report, as well as parameter and property information, among other things.

The layout and the data source of the report cannot be changed.

The remainder of the report level settings can be individually configured on each report.

A linked report wraps an existing report with a different set of parameter values or properties.

A linked report consists of a reference to the report definition of an existing report, plus any settings and properties that you define for the linked report.

This would lead to duplication of the same report in multiple places and maintainability would become a big challenge.

In SSRS, there is a smart way to deal with this issue and in this tip we will show you how.

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In the absence of any mechanism to deal with this requirement, a workaround would be to create multiple reports and configure them individually.A linked report always inherits report layout and data source properties of the original report.All other properties and settings can be different from those of the original report, including security, parameters, location, subscriptions, and schedules.On deployment, various report properties are extracted and added to the Properties column of the Categories table in the Report Server database.

A sample is displayed below: SSRS appears to use the data stored in the Properties column to detect paper size and orientation when printing the report.Using Linked Reports is the solution to this problem.

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