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A comparison of the 19 HCS is also available which strikes out the old language in red, inserts new language in green, and has additional commentary on each section.

to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are classified, and that information concerning the classified hazards is transmitted to employers and employees.

She specializes in Infection control, OSHA, HIPAA, and accommodating patients with disabilities.

She provides in-office training, mock-inspections, consulting, home study courses, and webinars.

Organize all the items left in the workplace in a logical way so they make tasks easier for workers to complete.

This often involves placing items in ergonomic locations where people will not need to bend or make extra movements to reach them.

For the third year in a row, Leslie has been acknowledged by Dentistry Today magazine as a leader in dentistry. Today we are going to have a very fun hour with Leslie Canham. What I find when I visit dental offices is again everybody thinks they are doing all of the things they should be doing and protecting themselves and their patients. They are not conducting the blood born pathogen training or spending the time and devoting the detail to infection control.

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The transmittal of information is to be accomplished by means of comprehensive hazard communication programs, which are to include container labeling and other forms of warning, safety data sheets and employee training." The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) specifies the required elements that must be on an SDS among other important data. Government's Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Community Right to Know Law (SARA Title III) is another set of regulations you'll want to consult.

Leslie is authorized by the Department of Labor as an OSHA outreach trainer and as a continuing education provider by the California Dental Board and Academy of General Dentistry.

Leslie has been the moderator of the infection control forum on since 2003.

Proactive efforts to keep workplace areas clean and orderly to ensure purpose-driven work.

How do you handle the sterilization of instruments used on known hepatitis patients?

How can infection control be incorporated into the office design?

Joining us for this discussion will be co-authors Caren Zucker (@caren_zucker) and John Donvan (@johndonvan), Matt Resnik’s mother Denise Resnik (@resnikdenise), and president of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, Dr.… continue reading »

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Huge variations in implementation between AAF files means many NLEs/DAWs are unable to read each other's files.… continue reading »

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