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04-Jan-2020 13:18

Now if you put together above points then you will notice that, when you set chat off the record it can’t be delivered to inbox as mail, so it will be delivered only if user is online (no matter if he is invisible).

Now the only tricky part is finding a user online for once to set chat off the records.

These are just the gripe points, the issues we have faced while trying to implement this as an effective (and secure) communication tool.

I will be glad to hear if we are simply misconfigured or misusing things, if there's anything we should be doing different to improve our experience, thats great news to me!

Some common examples are: ASAP As soon as possible BBS Be back soon BFB Bye for now BTW By the way CU See you F2F Face to face GL Good luck H&K Hug and kiss IC I see ILU I love you IOW In other words IMO In my opinion LOL Laughing out loud MSG Message r are 2 to 4 for u you ur you are It’s OK to use chat abbreviations, but try not to rely on them too much -they can make a conversation difficult to follow.

Scenario: I am trying to develop a web site which features a chat widget. NET, C#, ags XMPP library as my tools in achieving this purpose. Problem: When I access the widget on the website and start chatting, I send a value is not the same as the one I sent?

We thought about the words that we often want to say in a hurry when we're just leaving an msn messenger chat, we've just got back or we just want to agree.

It gets so boring typing the same words over and over again. We created these text chat msn emoticons to make chatting simple, fast and fun.

Some points to describe what I mean I'll stop now while I'm ahead. I appreciate that this project even exists, so please take my comments as constructivly as I intend them to be.

I wouldn't have bothered registering and writing if I didn't appreciate so many other aspects to this project.According to RFC 3921 section, The value of the element is generated by the sender and SHOULD be copied back in any replies. This means, I cannot link the response with the message I sent.