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10-Oct-2019 14:34

To see all of Mark’s journals got to: ) The students and researchers of the Polaris Project made our way from New York to Moscow yesterday.Today, we leave Moscow and fly six time zones overnight to reach Yakutsk.The US military fired roughly 60 tomahawk missiles at the Syrian government's al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs.It was an action Obama was not willing to take years earlier without the approval of Congress.

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We are excited to welcome a group of 16 American students from University of Texas – San Antonio, who will be conducting a fun event with you called “Speed Dating with American Culture.” It is a fast and fun event where you will be able to sit at stations with these students and get to know different aspects of American culture – such as food, music, campus life, American jokes, sports and much more. (The building is the same, but instead of entering the usual archway for the American Center, you’ll want the other entrance further north up the block where the other guard booth is stationed.) There are slightly different rules of access to this hall, so please pay attention to the details given in your confirmation e-mail.And as long as you’re alive, people want to grow, and growth means connection, it means emotional connection.