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Discounting the responses that were unrelated to my request, and frankly, a bit alarming, there were plenty of people who were eager to help me out and reflect on the Craigslist community.Simply scrolling through the listings on Craigslist can be a study in the various forms of isolation present in some online communities.The app is by Vina, a female-founded startup that's "dedicated to building global communities of women who make each other feel supported, inspired, free, and above all else, happy." Before launching their lady friendship app, they were the creators of Ladybrag — a site where women can brag about whatever they'd like in a cozy little coven of other women.[instagram ] QDWc G/[/instagram]According to Tech Crunch, Hey!I’m 30 years old, and someday, I’d like to have a family.I’m currently single and have been for several years. Evolving attitudes toward love and marriage have armed me with options.The Toronto-based site launched this spring and has steadily grown to 1,000 subscribers—mostly GTA-based women—over the summer.The site’s co-founder, Erin Geimer, was on maternity leave a couple of years ago when she began to think about the affect social isolation and dwindling social support has on health and well being.

The two founders, Olivia June Poole and Jen Aprahamian, wanted to create an app specifically for women to meet other women (Again, in a totally just friends way!!!But here is where things become a bit more complicated.For some people, once a relationship starts, the partner is the end all and be all of their lives.Vulgar posts, likely written by some of the same people who responded to my listing, unapologetically look for partners.

Shy, self-deprecating listings look for others who share interest in things like anime or blogging.

While some friendships are indeed just hopeful future romances and nothing more, others can still thrive even when we give up the idea of being romantically involved.