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03-Nov-2019 01:09

Twitter doesn't serve the same role: Though both are social networks, Twitter is about reaching out to an audience and sharing interesting information.It's about expanding your social circle in the interest of self-promotion or brand promotion, or following the developments of industries you're invested in. We schedule events, investigate potential boyfriends and girlfriends, and look up old high school classmates to see what they've done with their lives.But more importantly, we stay in touch with friends and family and share photos.You will need the following things to setup your own web based Facebook and Twitter application in your own website: 1. You can also upload a small thumbnail image but this is not mandatory 2.Next, enter the following details in the respective fields: Application website: Enter the URL of your website where you would be hosting this project.

The plugin requires Php4 or higher, Curl and Json libraries.After some tinkering, I set up Siri on my i Phone 4S to not only update Twitter, but Facebook, too. When you complete the process, add the short code (40404) as a new contact, and name it Twitter. Step 3: Update Facebook or Twitter with Siri Now you can start updating Twitter and Facebook using Siri.Now when you're driving, on an evening jog, or need a break from the keyboard, you can speak your status updates instead of typing them. Activate Siri (long press the Home button) and say "Send a text to Twitter [your status update]" or "Send a text to Facebook [your status update]".When you share a Medium post on Facebook of Twitter, a card is created with a preview of your content.

Twitter and Facebook look at the initial post data, such as your title and featured image.

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