Carbon dating exponential process

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While other factors may reduce the growth rate, that equation would describe the upper limit.The type of equation that describes the type of growth that increases over time is an exponential equation, introduced in our module Exponential Equations in Science I: Growth and Decay.Or you can tell that certain parts of the Moon's surface are older than other parts by counting the number of craters per unit area.The old surface will have many craters per area because it has been exposed to space for a long time. If you assume that the impact rate has been constant for the past several billion years, then the number of craters will be proportional to how long the surface is exposed.However, when dealing with natural systems that have variability and are continuously changing, the exponential equation takes a particular form that is common in science.Many natural phenomena exhibit exponential growth (like population increase) or decay (like the depletion of radioactive isotopes), and thus exponential equations are frequently used in science.

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In some applications, however, as we will see when we discuss the logistic equation, the logistic model sometimes fits the data better than the exponential model.In real-world applications, we need to model the behavior of a function.

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plaque II Dworski plate Large Wye pot Lidded Wye pot Round Wye dish Round Wye face plaque Small Wye bowl Square Wye horseman plaque Two Wye pots Wye bird dish Wye brooch Wye chalice Wye condiment pot Wye divided dish Wye figure vase Wye fish dish Wye fish plaque Wye jug Wye knight plaque Wye mug Wye mustard pot Wye planter Wye pot Wye relief plaque 1 Wye relief plaque 2 Wye relief plaque 3 Wye scenic plaque Wye sun dish Wye vase Eastop, Geoffrey Geoffrey Eastop salt pig Geoffrey Eastop vase Eden, Victoria and Michael Eden charger Large Eden handled dish Elliot, Horace W Elliot vase Pair of tall Horace Elliot vases Everett, Raymond Everett miniature lamp base Everett wall pocket Raymond Everett dish Raymond Everett mug Raymond Everett pot Raymond Everett vase Ewenny Black/blue Ewenny jug Blue Ewenny Jug Brown Ewenny jug Brown Ewenny mug Brown/green Ewenny jug Claypits Ewenny dish Ewenny ash tray Ewenny Basket Ewenny eggcup Ewenny jug Ewenny jug with side handle Ewenny ladle Ewenny Potteries pieces Ewenny vase Flattened Ewenny bowl Green Ewenny jug Handled Ewenny bowl Inscribed Ewenny jug Large Ewenny bowl Old Claypits vase Small Ewenny Jug Small Ewenny vase Tall Ewenny jug Twisty-handled Ewenny jug Vale Ewenny jug Exeter Art Pottery Exeter motto jug Exeter mug Farnham Pottery Blue Farnham jug Brown Farnham owl jug Farnham owl bowl Farnham owl jug Farnham trefoil vase Small Farnham jug Small Farnham pot Tall Farnham pot Two-handled blue vase Festersen, Friedrich Festersen pot Finch, Geoff and Jenny Jenny Finch button vase Jenny Finch square dish Finch, Raymond Ray Finch Dish Ray Finch jug Ray Finch mug I Ray Finch mug II Ray Finch platter Ray Finch storage jar Ray Finch tankard Finnegan, Dan Ash glazed teapot.… continue reading »

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