Dating a harry potter fangirl

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The best part is Simon and Baz because SIMON AND BAZ!

Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, doesn't think dressing up as your favorite book or video game character is any different than wearing your favorite sports teams jersey, and is sticking up for superfans all over the world.

We recognized it from the faint scars that still read, "I must not tell lies," and Hermione clasped it and cried while I frantically unburied the rest of him.

The photo still gets circulated now and again as a symbol for whatever spin the media wants to discuss at the moment and every time it makes mum burst into tears. I can deal with it okay…except for the one time nobody will let me forget when I tore up every one of those damn magazines at a newsstand in Diagon Alley, ignoring the cries of the squat bloke who worked there. George was there; he should have stopped me instead of pointing out that second batch.

(#Team Albus Severus) I lost a lot of readers after that statement. The dialogue is just slightly different from the same scene in the book and it’s throwing me off. I promise you, there is nothing to be frightened of there.” Except, you know, an entire forest full of deadly creatures they might send you into to punish you for breaking curfew.

I have gotten in more arguments over Albus Severus’s name than almost any other topic. Harry to Albus: “Hogwarts will be the making of you, Albus.

Myself, I made the symbol of the Deathly Hallows out of some copper wire for the girl I like, who is also a Harry Potter fan.

But she has never before made a choice that is quite so, shall we say, magical."Yet my friends were more than happy to dress up in a football kit and scream at the TV for Manchester United, even though they've never even been to Manchester.

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But the detail in her accent nail is where her true power gets Deathly Hallows symbols painted into her manicures.I told everyone he'd turned hermit because of the masses of women that went into heat when he entered a bar, but it wasn't true.