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Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: What kind of erotic film clips should we use in female sex research? Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: If Vladimir Nabokov did primary research…

The Hello Barbie™ Companion App is required to setup the Hello Barbie doll.

Analysis 2 focused exclusively on the genital appearance ideals embodied by models in 185 Playboy photographs published between 20.

Taken together, results suggest the perpetuation of a “Barbie Doll” ideal characterized by a low BMI, narrow hips, a prominent bust, and hairless, undefined genitalia resembling those of a prepubescent female.” Related content: Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: You might want to put a condom on that symbolic penis. NCBI ROFL is the brainchild of two Molecular and Cell Biology graduate students at UC Berkeley and features real research articles from the Pub Med database (which is housed by the National Center for Biotechnology information, aka NCBI) that they find amusing (ROFL is a commonly-used internet acronym for "rolling on the floor, laughing").

The reality of talking toys is upon us and Mattel’s Barbie is one of the first brands to embrace the trend with Hello Barbie, the world’s first talking Barbie doll.

The doll was created in collaboration with the conversational AI platform, Pull String, which allows non-technical writing teams to program sophisticated conversational capabilities for character-driven chatbots.

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Analysis 1 sought to describe genital appearance ideals (i.e., mons pubis and labia majora visibility, labia minora size and color, and pubic hair style) and general physique ideals (i.e., hip, waist, and bust size, height, weight, and body mass index [BMI]) across time based on 647 Playboy Magazine centerfolds published between 19.Evulvalution: The Portrayal of Women’s External Genitalia and Physique Across Time and the Current Barbie Doll Ideals.“Media images of the female body commonly represent reigning appearance ideals of the era in which they are published.This skit feels ripped from the headlines of recent podcast drama.

Read the rest Last year, MIT News editor Maya Weinstock submitted her Women of NASA minifigures design to LEGO Ideas.

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