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17-Sep-2019 05:47

The 47-year-old singer paired the white hot dress with golden-strapped sandals and red lipstick.Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez sported a navy sweater with khaki pants.I had no idea the Red Sox hadn’t won a World Series since 1918 — shortly before they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees — and nor did care. When the Red Sox lost in the seventh game of last year’s Championship Series against the Yankees, my crestfallen boyfriend called in sick to work.When we had sat behind first base at Yankee Stadium a few months earlier and watched the Red Sox shut out the Yankees 11-0, victory seemed imminent.

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With the Yankees squaring off against the Red Sox in the American League Championship series for the second year in a row – and Monday night’s 14th inning Red Sox comeback assuring a cliffhanger — the stress of forever being the underdog against the most heavily bankrolled team in baseball is catching up to my Red Sox fan, at least.Farrell confirmed that he and his wife of 30 years, Sue Farrell, are getting a divorce, but would not comment on his relationship with Moran; “My private life is private,” he said.But the most bizarre part about all of this story may not be the alleged relationship between Moran and Farrell.A couple of years ago, my buddies and I found ourselves drinking some nice craft beer at a dive bar. Given that vast expanse of time and the fact that all of us happened to be of the single persuasion, we decided it'd be a great idea to talk with every single woman at the bar, ring or no ring.

It was early on a casual Thursday night, with none of us needing to be at work until around 9 A. Now, I wasn't intoxicated, but the conversation flowed more easily than many of my other "speaking engagements" with women.But that final game, when a shot at the World Series was possible — if not plausible — was too much for my Red Sox fan to take.

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