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15-Nov-2019 20:06

We sat down with Paul Brunson, matchmaker and host of the new show and we literally felt all the feels hearing Paul describe his experience while filming this show.

You can watch the pilot of Paul: It’s really unique in that it was filmed over the course of an entire year, making it the longest filmed dating show in the history of television.

Besonders abenteuerlustige Paare können Umlaute, wie Ä, Ö und Ü auch noch mit einbeziehen.

Das Schöne an dieser Datingvariante: Jedes Pärchen erlebt ein anderes ABC.

Paul: The most enlightening takeaway for me was how selfless these mothers were.

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Therefore, it was even more important for us to tell this story. You won’t see any individuals looking to become reality TV star famous.

What music should you listen to when about to commence writing about a personal account of rape? I have a dark sense of humour, but when I was about to make the long bus journey from Barcelona to Almeria, and I thought to myself : “Ok, this is my first couchsurfing experience; worst case scenario the guy rapes and murders me”, I didn’t think I would be half right. A number of my friends possibly believe that I put myself in more risky situations with men than a lot of other women do. He sent me an invitation on couchsurfing, which I accepted, somewhat ironically having turned down another invitation to go to Madrid (the destination I originally had in mind) to sleep in a “big bed” next to a random Italian I had never met before. I felt uncomfortable around José – this was my first impression. I got into his car and he drove us back to his family’s home. … continue reading »

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Radiocarbon decays slowly in a living organism, and the amount lost is continually replenished as long as the organism takes in air or food.… continue reading »

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