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15-Oct-2019 23:41

we’ve all seen it.”While clearly said in jest, the comments came just months ahead of his relationship with the married X Factor judge took a romantic turn.Despite knowing each other for many years, a source told The Sun: “Liam and Cheryl's relationship developed very quickly in December after the X Factor final."Around this time, Cheryl is believed to have split from hubby Jean-Bernard despite managing to keep the break-up on the down low.All the comments are welcome and to be expected, but to my horror some people tweeted this morning claiming the article to be sexist.When Telegraph Men (the men's section of the Telegraph), asked me, as a man, to compile a list of ten albums a man should own, I did just that.Capital XTRA plays new music and breaks the hottest urban dance acts.

Capital XTRA is the only commercial station playing urban dance music across the UK with 1.3m people tuning in every week.After years on the road, was Noone looking for stability after the transience of one-night stands? I’m not a fitness freak but I’ve got good health.” And how does Mireille feel about losing her husband to the Noonatics for a third of the year?