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// Create the First Name and Last Name elements Xml Schema Element first Name Elem = new Xml Schema Element(); first Name Elem. The content of elements and attributes is defined by their types.

Name = "First Name"; Xml Schema Element last Name Elem = new Xml Schema Element(); last Name Elem. Required; // The Xml Schema Use enumeration has the values // Required/Optional/Prohibited/None. To create elements or attributes whose types are one of the built-in schema types as defined in XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes, the Schema Type Name property on Xml Schema Element or Xml Schema Attribute is set with the corresponding qualified name of the type.

Checks whether the current node is a content (non-white space text, CDATA, Element, End Element, Entity Reference, or End Entity) node.

If the node is not a content node, the reader skips ahead to the next content node or end of file.

I would have to look for the names of the parent nodes and keep track of my own position within the reader.

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Is there a way to get the current Xml Node from the reader while in the validation event handler?December 4, 2002 Priya Lakshminarayanan Despite the many articles explaining W3C XML Schema (WXS), it's not enough to discuss WXS as a specification only. SOM is a rich API which allows developers to create, edit, and validate schemas programmatically -- one of the few such tools available so far.Educational materials should also discuss tools which aid the development of XML applications which employ WXS. SOM operates on schema documents analogously to the way DOM operates on XML documents.What I'd like to do is display the error message along with the name of its parent node.

In my XML format, there are parent nodes named differently with some of the same names for child nodes, so when I get an error message that references the 'LOGICALPOCKET' node that could be under more than one different parent node.

You could store the information while using the reader, here is a quick hack example: using System; using System. FAQTs.com/ That would be very ugly code because there are parent nodes that have child nodes with the same name.