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Not just in dance class, but where are all the men from all the various social activities? The reason is the expected rate of return of your precious, finite, and perpetually dwindling time.

They make up half the population, but I can't find any single guys to date. If you go out, hot as you may be when you're 18, you have little to no control over succeeding in getting a girl's number or a date.

Now for whatever reason it may be, dance tends to attract more women than men and over the years, I've of course befriended several female students. I always thought it was kind of common knowledge, men do indeed give up after a while, but apparently it's not. I don't know when precisely it is, nor is it the same for every guy, but inevitably guys in a sense "burn out." Consider it a staged rocket and as the last vestiges of fuel burn out of the booster, it slowly disengages and disintegrates as it plummets back to Earth.

They vary in ages anywhere from 24 to 60, but the one common trait they have is they are typically (though not always) single. Many things can burn out the fuel; Divorce and the loss of one's assets Personal finances/loss of job Demanding/successful career Or just plain bad dating experiences (your beloved captain has had suicide threats, gotten punched for refusing a girl sex and unknowingly dated a married woman for three months..get the idea).

Addition Agnostic posted something similar back in January, but due to my apparent gayness, the following adds to it by injecting gender into the relationship between sexual activity and age.---There are several different ways to estimate at what age physical attractiveness peaks among men and women.

For my part, looking at Maxim's Hottest 100 list of 2008 shows an average age of 27.6 years.

Industrial agriculture requires 10 calories of oil for 1 calorie of fossil fuel.

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If their idol hardly ever gets laid, then their own situation can't be so bad, after all.

Of course, it's important that the typical PUA/manosphere follower believes that he is part of a "silent majority." Of course, if you look around, you realize that the world doesn't just consist of promiscuous women and thirty-somethings who think of nothing else but to get married. However, if you are an "alpha" and bang a ton of chicks, it is not the case that you learn that they have all been with dozens of guys before.

A lot of girls you'll meet will be fairly inexperienced. With a count of sexual partners in the two-digit range, you're already a statistical outlier.

For ease of presentation, age ranges represent early-ies, mid-ies, and late-ies (click for higher resolution): Women are at the peak in their early twenties.

The absolute highest point is reached at age 23, which catches some of 22 as well, since the question inquires about activity over the last 12 months.

The following graph shows the average number of sexual partners in the last year for unmarried respondents*.