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12-Oct-2019 11:33

gnome 3 battery icon not updating-67

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Download Aw Oken icon theme 2.2 from Deviant Art, extract the downloaded archive and the two resulting archives and place the "Aw Oken" and "Aw Oken Dark" folders in the ~/.icons directory (if it doesn't exist, create it)apt-get install zenity imagemagick cd ~/.icons sudo cp Aw Oken/awoken-icon-theme-customization /usr/bin sudo cp Aw Oken/awoken-icon-theme-customization-clear /usr/bin sudo cp Aw Oken Dark/awoken-icon-theme-customization-dark /usr/bin awoken-icon-theme-customization After you finish the customization, the script will ask you if you want to apply the Aw Oken icon set - this is actually not working if you're using Gnome 3 (at least that was the case in my test).

h=gnome-3-12&id=22c8be66453555338c85683d93f4661239b10c4c and h=gnome-3-12&id=0b8c0c202e2aaa89d5adc7427c5e4e1e37f61371 which will require some effort to port to cinnamon power applet[email protected]/@ffix The Cinnamon team's policy is to focus on supported versions of Linux Mint, and while they welcome other distros to make use of Cinnamon, they will not make a change that will break Cinnamon for supported versions of Linux Mint, just so that it can work on other distros, which use different package versions.

Also, create a new test user and see if the problem occurs on this new account. If a problem is there too, it's system wide and you need to dig deeper (logs).

If it has never worked, then it's some hardware issue (again, because of ACPI error).

Can you imagine how black magic it should be for a new computer user?

Windows 95 came with a new concept called « taskbar » when you could have a list of opened windows, a start button and a notification area.Due to an historical misunderstanding, some people started to call the notification area by the name « systray ».