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She diverted some of the devotion that she'd had for Lex onto Clark, despite using unconventional methods to prove it.For a long time, Tess was dedicated to maintaining the Luthors' legacy and was completely loyal to Lex, whom she considered a personal mentor.It is extreme and it is overflowing, exactly what the rest of the film should have been, had the filmmakers not made the surprising choice to scale down campy bombast wherever they could.that also root from cheesy nineties television, but that film’s police setting made action the obvious choice. Our co-lead, disgraced Olympian Matt Brody (Efron) several times begs the obvious question: why are lifeguards the proper line of defense against corrupt city officials and drug traffickers?However, after Lana Lang revealed to her that Lex had implanted an optic camera into her brain to survey her movements in Smallville, she understood that his faith in her had been a lie.She realized that she had left behind a life in Star City as a marine biologist for a man that never trusted her.

The latter include everything from Jason visited by his vamp-hating old pastor (now a vampire), Bill & Eric realizing there's a vamp war brewing and killing Nan who they know can threaten Sookie (damnit. : Jason (Ryan Kwanten) making peace with himself if not Hoyt and falling hesitantly for Jessica. once loosed from that terrible were-panther plot (but more on that soon); WORST STORYLINE: the were-panthers (runner up: evil fairies)BEST STORYLINE: Eric's memory loss.

With the help of remaining records left by both Luthors, Tess managed to discover Clark's secret in less than a year.

Unlike Lex, however, she began to see Clark as a hero and savior rather than a threat to humanity.

Not so with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron (and to a lesser extent Chris Hemsworth).

” It’s a function of the danger men in real life often pose that masculinity isn’t something we can easily mock or laugh at.'s witchy season four had a cleft heart, one half beating only for past glories (i.e. or even earlier seasons) and the other half beating for an imagined future (Season 5 if you'd like to get cynical about it).