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07-Nov-2019 15:59

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When I confronted him, he didn't understand why I was upset.

He said that having sex online was harmless and a way to "get off" without breaking his marriage vows (we've been married 10 years). A: This is a situation I see more and more often as the Internet becomes a staple in homes.

Anyway she's upset but do you think webcam sex is really a big deal when you're in a relationship?

Damn, I didnt know that playboys were interactive.would consider cyber sex with some one other than your partner cheating...

Two main issues are in play here: honesty and uncommunicated expectations.

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He also brushed off a chance to set the record straight without lying.

Participants seemed to follow a pattern of behavior: sexting, then cybersex, then ultimately a real-life relationship outside of an intimate one. However, you may find support in meetings like those offered by S-Anon, which is a free program of recovery for those who have been affected by someone else’s sexual behavior.