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30-Jan-2020 18:33

It turns out she’s been admitted as a patient in a mental hospital, although where and why she’s there are a mystery.

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Soon she’s been forcibly restrained, has a preventative gag stuck in her mouth, and is forced to strip and shower.Unconvincing leaders have failed to win votes and public support.It’s hard enough for real humans to survive the throes of online dating, so you can only imagine how difficult it would be for a Disney character.By Paul Bramhall Mainstream Korean horror has always been a tricky beast, dating back to when the new wave really put Korean cinema on the map in the early 2000’s, the one constant seemed to be over promise and under deliver.

Posters set expectations for buckets of blood ( gives very little away, instead leaning on the appeal of popular TV drama actor Lee Sang-yoon, and patchy actress Kang Ye-won.

However the spirit of over-selling is still there, as the production was promised to be an intense psychological journey into the horrors of a woman convinced she’s going insane.