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19-Aug-2019 18:24

She lived out there," the actor recalled."Oh yeah, I didn't know you guys dated," Handler said."Why did you think we were at breakfast every morning?

" Speedman asked."Well listen, I said, 'Oh, he used to come here with Keri, they dated,'" Handler added.

And like magpies we're attracted to anything sparkly and shiny.

Glitter, sequins, beading, we'll take it all and lots of it please.

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Scott Speedman: After Felicity was over, I spent some time figuring out what kind of life and career I wanted to have. She met you once on a street corner in New York City, right after she'd been dumped, and you made her night. " And you responded, "That's OK, I feel nervous all the time."SS: Oh my God, I'm such a loser! SS: Hmm, for the sake of the story, I hope he'd be in a dark place. If he's fine and he's, like, a doctor, who cares?

"And my producer said, 'No, they never dated.' I said, 'They came in at in the f--king morning! Speedman continued that getting romantically involved with your costars offscreen "is what happens" when you come to Hollywood, which prompted Handler to ask who she should date, while pointing to Chuy Bravo."He looks good," Speedman quipped.

To hear more about the thesp's latest project, watch the clip above!

He was known to date Ashley Scott in 2007, the relationship lasted the same year.

costar Keri Russell."That's when I was dating Keri, yeah.Soon after, Speedman premiered his movie, The Animal Kingdom, at The Rose Room in Venice, California.