Justhookup usa

28-Mar-2020 21:10

So whether you’re headed to the marina, hauling all your gear, or roughing it for the weekend, just hook up your boat, trailer, or camper and go![*] (Continuously Variable Transmission), obviously. Pathfinder’s new CVT eliminates gears by using a precisely machined metal drive chain instead of traditional fixed metal gears, which transfers power from the engine to the wheels far more effectively and smoothly.Turn it again to switch into 2WD for better mileage.The intuitive Auto Mode senses slippery roads or rough terrain and automatically adjusts power to each wheel.

Now it’s possible to listen to high quality audio with wireless convenience even while out on the water.Our Next Gen Dual Fuel technology makes it even easier on installers and consumers to utilize whichever energy source, and switch back, without the need to manually select the gas being used, just hook up the gas and you are good to go.