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23-Sep-2019 21:35

Thus far seven victims have come forward and have been conned out of a combined amount of close to R400‚000.“The suspects would create fake accounts on online dating sites to lure women.They would chat with the victims for a while before starting to come up with different scenarios which would see women depositing or transferring money to the banking details which the suspects would have provided‚” Netshiunda said.Motseki scolded her and replied that if she had visited him the day before, the scratches would not have been there.

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Sources close to the former lovebirds told Tshisa LIVE that Sahar who had moved to Cape Town to be with Ryk and moved back to Canada shortly after the split.

We revisit some of the celebrity romances that didn’t survive 2016 and had everyone talking.

Cassper and Boity: Cassper and Boity’s whirlwind romance had everyone green with envy‚ but after a few short months it emerged that they had decided to split.

Whether you’re trying to impress your date by revealing your sensitive side or want to spend some quality time with your wife, a night in on the couch (or in bed) with a good movie is a foolproof date-night plan.

Here’s our pick of some perfect movies to set the mood: Show off your sensitive side with tear-jerker Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls You can’t go wrong with Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba.Modise, who died in February , had been fighting an alleged scamster since 2009 in a bid to recover the millions he invested in a bogus agricultural project.