Sex chat on i phone

19-Sep-2019 11:10

Well, you thought wrong, buddy boy, because you have hit the Freakshow mother lode right up in here!

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However, when I am before you things are a bit different. Perhaps that is where we start our religious blasphemy phone sex fantasy today. Now that has this femme domme sitting up a bit straighter in her chair. Listening to you humiliate Jesus in all his “holy splendor”. For I will have you denounce your faith in any and all religions.Don’t mind that […] Does the sound of ripping material and muffled screams make your cock hot? It’s pretty much the main reason I started fooling around with you in the first place.I knew you were loaded with cash and that’s another reason I gave you pussy whenever you wanted. Welcome to the Wild, Wooly, World of Purrfectly Freaky's Phonesex Freakshow, where we are ready to entertain your wildest, freakiest fantasies.

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