Itunes music library xml not updating

14-Jan-2020 20:59

itunes music library xml not updating-21

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###### Jump To - [The Basics]( Tunes#The_Basics) - [Setting Up i Tunes]( Tunes#Setting_Up_i Tunes) - [Troubleshooting]( Tunes#Troubleshooting) - [What's Changed in 1.3]( Tunes#What_39_s_Changed_in_1_3) # The Basics Roon imports your i Tunes playlists by reading a file that i Tunes can generate, called an XML.This will work as long as your XML is stored in the same folder as your media.If you've already generated the XML and configured Roon to "watch" the folder where it's stored, all you need to do is enable i Tunes import.First navigate to the Edit screen for the storage location where your i Tunes XML is stored: Then, just enable i Tunes Import and you're good to go!i Tunes playlists are stored in a file called "i Tunes Music Library.xml" or “i Tunes ” If you find that you have duplicate i Tunes Music Library XML files, take a look at the timestamps, or last modified date of the playlist files, and make sure only the most recently updated XML file remains in the folder.After removing the deprecated XML file, be sure to update the music library index in Sonos to remove the old playlists from showing in Sonos.When this file has been generated and is stored in your default Music folder, you should be able to just enable i Tunes importing (see [The Basics]( Tunes#The_Basics) above).Recent versions of i Tunes do not create the XML file by default, so you will need to ensure the file is generated by checking this screen and making sure the _Share i Tunes Library XML_ option is checked.

" (exclamation point) in i Tunes next to the song as it is seen above, we need to go and locate the file on the computer.

Sonos is compatible with i Tunes playlists as well as M3U, WPL and PLS playlist files created with third-party software, such as Win Amp and Windows Media Player.

Sonos does not allow you to change or edit music and playlist files created by other applications; these files are always treated as “read-only.” If your playlists are still missing after sharing your Music folder Your playlist file is stored somewhere on your computer that is not your Music folder.

If you want to know more, or if you're having a problem setting up i Tunes sync in Roon, read on!

# Setting Up i Tunes i Tunes can create a file called an *XML file*, which contains a list of all the songs in your i Tunes library, as well as all your playlists.

If you have more than 40,000 songs in your i Tunes playlists Sonos can index a maximum of 1,000 playlists, with up to 40,000 songs total within all of your i Tunes playlists.