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Littré’s.’” I owe a great deal to such friendly, selfless correspondence.At the end of the nineteenth century, Skeat used to write indignant letters to are interchangeable in the group under discussion.If I learn "fast Morse" first, will I still need to learn "slow Morse" separately anyway before I can understand the latter?That is, say I go ahead and stop learning the "slow" whole patterns of letters (so as not to "waste time on the wrong one").James Murray refused to ignore such an obvious difficulty, and those who came after him have not been more successful.Yet , contrary to what has often been suggested, cannot mean “ears” here.

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What I'm wondering, though: is the "flip side" true?Persian Army employs a relay system where soldiers positioned on hilltops shout and relay military messages 30 times faster than by runner.Accounts of flags, mirrors and smoke signals appear in early history. By 1837 the system is improved and was demonstrated using 'lightning wires' and 'Morse code,' an electronic alphabet that could carry messages. A line was constructed between Baltimore and Washington and the first message, sent on May 24,1844, was 'What hath God wrought! " he contrasts the slow "lookup table" of thinking about the individual dits and dahs, versus the faster "reflex" way of learning the whole sounds of letters.

If it's not clear, he's in favor of learning the fast/reflex sounds. whole language debate in teaching English reading skills, and perhaps there's merits to both sides.

The term DX appears in many math formulas as distance of x. At any rate, for Amateur Radio, it is the sending of messages over long distances.