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Updating an existing item from a Share Point List is very similar to adding a new item, but the only difference is instead of calling Add() from the SPList Item Collection, I now call the Get Item By Id(int) from the SPList object.There are other ways of getting an item from a list and another one is Get Item By Title.Television and media organizations pay huge sums of money for the exclusive right to broadcast top sporting events live.For most sports organizations, the sale of broadcasting and media rights is now the biggest source of revenue, generating the funds needed to finance major sporting events, refurbish stadiums, and contribute to the development of sport at grassroots level.In the code sample below I obtain the current context and the web and get the list I would like to add the new item to.

Copyright and related rights, particularly those relating to broadcasting organizations, underpin the relationship between sport and television and other media.Eventually, the NEH will fund awards in every state and territory.