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I love this little quote, because the deliberate confusion of "insurance" with "access" has long bugged me about the US debate.Lots and lots of things are dysfunctional about US health care, but not the long waits that others endure Americans would be stunned to hear the reality of nationalized insurance: • In its latest “care guarantee,” Sweden found it necessary to stipulate that patients must be able to see a doctor within seven days; patients should not wait more than 90 days to see a specialist; and treatment should be scheduled within 90 days…six months from presentation;...

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The accident happened soon after sharp criticism of the government's handling of the Chilean earthquake and tsunami.

Here’s a cut of Roberts’s interview: SJD: Okay, let’s play a fantasy game for a minute and pretend that you, Russ Roberts, a creative and very bright economist come to Washington and are put in charge of the whole country. So I don’t think the Department of Commerce does anything particularly useful, I would get rid of that. I don’t think that the Federal Government has any productive role to play in the school system. I’d let people be free to buy whatever they wanted from all around the world. I would get rid of the minimum wage law, which I think makes it hard for low-skilled people to find work; it makes them artificially expensive. We spend a lot of time trying to find the right interest rate.

And unlike every other economist that’s ever gone to high office, you don’t start acting like a politician. So you get there, you’re behind the desk, you’ve got a pen and paper. That’s a fool’s game that has contributed to the current crisis. I would certainly at a minimum require it to only care about price stability.

[I]f there’s one thing that verges on a safe bet it’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ Our other social posts promoting articles on the economics and politics of Westeros have been among our most popular of the year, and our audiogram for a podcast on the topic also performed above average for a social post.

The Economist’s most popular audiogram so far, based on reach, engagement, and overall audio plays, was from an interview with editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes, featuring her stance on Brexit.Rescuers attempted to bypass the rockfall at the main entryway through alternative passages but found each route blocked by fallen rock or threatened by ongoing rock movement.