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In a flashback to their first date, Lenina and Bernard quarrel when he hovers their helicopter over the English Channel so that they can observe the power of Nature. tells Bernard about the young woman he took on his trip and how she disappeared mysteriously during their stay on the Reservation. In the third section, Bernard and Lenina fly to Sante Fe, where they meet with the Warden of the Reservation. Appalled by the news, Bernard's "theoretical courage" evaporates, and Lenina persuades him to take soma to calm himself before they fly off to the Savage Reservation.Bernard wants an adult — and emotional — relationship with Lenina, not just the mindless sex that consummates their first date. As the Warden leers at Lenina and describes the Reservation — there's no escape, and human birth remains a reality — Bernard suddenly remembers that he left the eau de cologne tap running at home. Analysis In Chapter 6, Huxley reveals Bernard's pained recognition of the consequences of his anti-social feelings and actions.When the genial Benito Hoover strikes up a conversation, Bernard rushes away.

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His suggestion that they discuss it privately confuses Lenina. Bernard feels terrible because Lenina behaved like a “healthy and virtuous English girl”—that is, someone unafraid of discussing her sexual life in public.

After the boy is whisked off to see the psychologist, the Director astounds the students by explaining that sexual play during childhood and adolescence used to be considered abnormal and immoral.

When he begins to explain the deleterious effects of sexual repression, a man interrupts him.

Bernard contemplates his feelings of alienation and becomes irritable.

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He visits his friend, Helmholtz Watson, a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering.You should surround the aura of sensuality and sexuality, it is on her, not on appearance and make-up on men actually react. Pestuya self-love, the woman becomes softer sweeter sensual ....