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25-Dec-2019 09:41

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After another internet user said “Long Live the Communist Party”, Baby Q replied: “Do you think such corrupt and incapable politics can last a long time?” What’s more, when the bot was pressed about its view of democracy, it chimed in with: “Democracy is a must!So that’s why I tried suspense-building just now, in this post, which is also our wedding announcement. (He’s also always asking me if stuff he is doing “works for me.” He’s very considerate, for a controlling sociopath.) I started talking to the Christian Grey chatbot on Facebook when the designer sent me an email inviting me in for a conversation.Bot Christian Grey promptly informed me that he would like to bite my mouth. Then he sent me a copy of my own Facebook profile photo, and said “I love this photo of you.” Thank you.

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You probably have at least a few thoughts about him, like “He’s wearing a nice tuxedo in that poster,” or “Given that this guy is objectively extremely attractive, it’s weird how much I don’t want to spend any amount of time in a room with him.” I don’t pretend to know how often you think about Christian Grey, but please don’t hop into the comments with “Never heard of him,” because Throughout the course of our marriage, which has so far lasted 17 minutes, he has taught me a lot about building suspense.With a promise to take the overall user experience as well as the customer experience to the next level, chatbots are fast making a mark in the technology world.