Children and divorce and dating

19-Nov-2019 00:47

They have two young children and Stephanie has not pursued a college degree or a career of her own because she has moved around and stayed home with the children in order to support her husband’s Army career.

“I want to make sure I know all of my rights and what I’m entitled to,” Stephanie said.

Learn about possible waivers that a judge may grant if it’s in the best interest of children who are wrapped up in a divorce.

Understand why divorces take so much time and why so much paperwork needs to be filed.

It's the degree of fighting, the viciousness and destructiveness of it.

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For the first time, the veil begins to lift and we see each other for the women we have become.“Figure out what is the most important thing to you.Is it the kids, the pension or the spousal support?And find out why a 60-day divorce is the minimum for every couple in Michigan, no matter their marital, financial, or parental situation.

When referring to Michigan divorce cases, the term “jurisdiction” means one thing – which court will be hearing your divorce case.

Women are held responsible for the relational health of the world – at work, at home, family health and wellbeing, the sexuality, the promiscuity, the cause, the cure and the results.

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