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26-Feb-2020 06:28

Short said he identifies with August's aspirations to make it big in the biz.

"He was willing to struggle for his dream and I think a lot of artists will identify with that," he said.

Now they're back to 'no refund' and not responding to me anymore.

Same 'women' come up in multiple cities, profile descriptions do not match profile pics. The site must have automatic messages sent to my inbox, & when I send a message it doesn't send the message. Have been told by customer service no refunds, then was promised refund when I pressed it.

By Monday afternoon, that number for OG&E was closer to 4,000. 18th, they had resorted to using a generator to at least keep the food in the refrigerator from spoiling. So De Leon pulled an extension cord across the street to her neighbor, Erin Koos, who was still without power. The north side of the street had gotten their power back, while the south side was still in the dark.